A Hell of a Reason…

…to look forward to NaNoWriMo. To have a chance to get back to actual writing. I just realized I’ve been in revising and editing mode for so long that I haven’t written anything for a month or more.

Whatever other writing projects I’m working on, they’re put aside and forgotten until NaNo is over. Maybe that’s why I’m pushing myself through The Warden at a crazy pace. I’d like to have it nearly ready for a last draft by the time NaNo arrives. Now that I think of it, it will give me a chance to do some real writing because I never did finish it. The last chapter is still to be written. If things work out (that’s a damned big ‘if’), I’ll be able to transition from The Warden to this year’s novel without too much of a lurch.


3 thoughts on “A Hell of a Reason…

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and allowing me to follow you home. It looks like you’re very established in your writing journey. Kudos for that.

    Also appears that we’re both NaNoNuts. I can’t wait for this year to start, even though I have to nail down my project. LIke you, I’m finishing up projects so I’ll be free to write during November.

    Best luck~

    1. NaNoNut since 2006, with a year out for discouraged depression. It took a while to figure out what the heck I was doing, but I’m going for my third win this year.

      I just read your post about 9/11, which I ignored as much as possible because was just another year of hoopla and chest-beating. Didn’t leave a comment because there are already so many, but it one of the few that’s worth remembering. A reminder of how fear supports prejudice and destroys everything we consider important about this country.

      1. That’s when I started writing for NaNo! Actually, I did write (by hand) my 2005 novel and didn’t have it validated…internet connection issues and all. Anyway, I also took one year off (last year) due to a really heavy work load. While I didn’t finish the 50k, I did finish a middle grade novel in that time, so it wasn’t a total wash.

        Thanks for your kind words on my 9-11 post. It really disheartens me that we can be so callous and forgetful when it comes to our own actions.

        Hugs and hope to see you at NaNo11!

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