The Story is the Boss of Me

Well… So much for resisting a story idea. I thought I could hold off on the story about the mute slave because all I had was the character. No plot. But it kept perking away in the back of my mind — I think there must be a low-temp slow cooker back there — and I wound up writing about 500 words yesterday. Now it’s up to 1,300 words. I’m not pushing it, just writing a few lines whenever something new comes to mind. I don’t know how long it will be, but probably no more than three to four thousand words. Tentative title is Within the Silence. And there’s no plot. Really. At least not much of one. Nothing but talk and thinking. Insights into the character’s life (an unusual one by any measure) and his mind.

I’ll put it on Smashwords when it’s done (and I have a cover), and may post it on Dark Boundaries. Maybe on Goodreads, too.

Progress on the second draft of The Warden came to a screeching halt for a while. Twenty some chapters in three days is probably overkill, so that was to be expected. And I’ve also reached the point where important things have to happen and I hadn’t thought them through yet. That was partly the fault of the computer crash that cut me off at the knees halfway through NaNo. Even though I made the word count, the momentum had died, so this is my first attempt to work it all out. Only to get stuck on chapter 26 with a paragraph that must have made sense when I wrote it, but certainly doesn’t now. And it’s a turning point, so it has to make sense. I wrestled with it yesterday, trying to figure out what I’d been trying to say, but it didn’t come to me until this morning. It was one of those major “Duh!” moments. Obvious once you see it, but stubbornly invisible until you look at it from the right angle. So now it’s onward and upward, but at a slower pace. I still have six weeks before I have to give it up for NaNo. Plenty of time for another couple of drafts. Third will be looking at the novel as one file and shifting chapters into more logical units. Fourth will be the start of the really hard work, mostly building up the weak areas. Believe it or not, I’m looking forward to that one.

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