For Mac Safari Users

Maybe this works for Windows Safari users also, so if you want to give it a try…

I just started using Safari, having had to give up Flock (much wailing and gnashing of teeth), and as usual, I have to play around and try stuff. I’m always cluttering my desktop with URLs of articles I want to read when I can get around to them, and sites that I’ve discovered but don’t have time to explore right then. I prefer having them on my desktop to having them hidden away in one of the bookmarks folders. But, like I said, the clutter piles up.

Enter Safari and the Reading List. It’s really a bookmark folder, but it lives in its own sidebar, and includes not only the URL, but the first few lines of the article or whatever. That’s very handy dandy, but having to click on the bookmark button and then select the Reading List is a bit of a bother. (Gad, we’re so damned spoiled) Since I already drag URLs from the address bar to the desktop, I was curious. Can you drag them to the Reading List button? Indeed you can. Not only that, you can drag links from within an article, or even from a list, as in Digg or Reddit.

But if you’re a smart Mac user, you probably know all that already.


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