Log Jams and Angst

The second draft of The Warden stopped dead exactly where I stopped writing last year, and hasn’t budged in over a week. Finally, today, I managed to find a way in. I only wrote about 350 words, but at least I know where I’m going now. Maybe tomorrow I can finish that chapter and move on to the last chapter.

Planning for Privileged Lives has been going well, and I have fewer doubts about being able to pull it off in grand style in November. I’ve done almost enough world-building, but the emotional content is my main concern right now. Writing about emotions isn’t my strongest skill, so I have to work to keep my characters from being talking heads without feelings.

Going into this year’s NaNo feels somewhat different from the last two years. I feel more confident, and have a better sense of what I expect to have achieved by the time the month is over.

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