Experiment Over

Bye bye Google+. Just deleted all my information and posts. The only thing I can liken it to is going to a very large party where you know only one or two people, and trying to figure out if there’s anyone there that you might possibly want to know on any but a superficial level. There might be, but the time it would take to find out is time away from more productive activities.


5 thoughts on “Experiment Over

    1. 🙂
      I turned off all notifications, and I’m still getting notices in my gmail account, and people are still adding me. How dumb is that? I’d like to close the damned account, but all I can find is how to close *all* my Google accounts at one time. A prisoner of Google? How much ransom do they want?

  1. “You can’t stop the Google.”

    I’m nearing the end of a month-long break from G+. I have about 10 people in my circles, most of whom only post cutting-edge science breakthrough news. So my G+ is a tailored news feed, with occasional relevant conversation.

    I don’t know why Google keeps sending you notices. They don’t send me notices. Maybe it takes a few days to turn off?

    1. I thought that only joining circles about NaNo, I could eliminate a lot of chatter, but it didn’t. Maybe it’s because writers just like to churn out words, even when they’re not writing? I was turning about 99% of the discussions. I’m not getting emails from Google anymore, but the notices keep turning up in that little box at the top of my mail page. Maybe you’re right and it take a while to turn off.

      1. Oh, THAT box. Google tells me how many whatevers I have in my G+ in that box too. A couple weeks ago, I clicked on it, not knowing what it was (bad habit). When my G+ popped up I thought, “ACK I’m supposed to be taking a G+ break!” Now I just ignore the box.

        And yeah, I think a lot of writers use “chat writing” to procrastinate “story writing.” Something I don’t understand.

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