Pointless Gripes

Gripe #1. Despite having deleted every bit of personal information in my ungettoutable Google+ account, people are still adding me to their circles. Google makes sure I know about it by linking G+ to my mail account and turning that cute little box in the upper right hand corner a bright red. So what does that say about mass social networking? That people I don’t know and who can’t possibly know the first thing about me because there’s nothing there, will add me to their circles? Seems that’s what it’s all about for some people–attaching as many people as possible to them in a twisted form of friendship. What’s the purpose? Damned if I know.

Gripe #2. On the tag surfer and many other places on the web, endless announcements of someone’s latest self-published book. Not that I object. After all, I announce my books. Like a sucker, I’ll at least read the description or, if there’s no description, I might click on the link. I’m not keeping count, but I think it’s safe to say that some 95 to 98% of those books involve magic, superpowers, zombies, shifters, or some other aspect of non-reality. Is there anybody out there who knows how to write intelligent books about real people?

Gripe #3. After having been forced to finally give up the best browser I’ve ever used, the choice of a new one came down–inevitably–to Safari or Firefox. Let me make it perfectly clear that I’m spoiled. When I used Flock, I never had to keep another browser handy to cope with those peculiarities that software developers love to throw into the mix. I wasn’t that crazy about either Safari or Firefox, but others I tried just didn’t cut it. And the winner is–Safari. Oops. The winner was Safari. Some nice features which almost made up for losing Flock. But very erratic about handling font sizes on web pages. And then–the spinning beach ball of death kept coming up (Mac) and wouldn’t go away. Close browser, start over. Learned that Safari is a memory-sucker. Downloaded a memory tracker and sure enough, Safari took up to 2/3 of my two gigs of memory. If anything else was open, Safari went into a sulk. Switch to Firefox, very reluctantly. Much more sensible about memory, thank goodness, even if it’s severely lacking in features I’d begun to appreciate in Safari. All is well for a few days, then–I can’t leave comments on some WP blogs. There’s no toolbar at the top, I’m not signed in (yes, I am, permanently), and the attempt to sign in fails. Figure out that the problem exists only on blogs with their own domain, and only when I’m using Firefox. And this is the latest version of Firefox. So I’m now stuck in two-browser territory, which I’m told is normal. Since when is it normal for software that’s designed for the web, and that’s been around long enough to get its shit together, to work only part of the time?


2 thoughts on “Pointless Gripes

  1. “people I don’t know and who can’t possibly know the first thing about me”

    Yeah, that’s one of the reasons I left Twitter. Seeing endless tweets of

    “Follow back please!”

    “You’re followed!”

    “Woo-hoo, I just reached 1000 followers!”

    The mindlessness of it was irritating.

  2. Gripe #1: Completely agree. I think I’ll be leaving G+, if possible, for that very reason. And I’m just really not into Twitter, so I will likely just leave my autofeeds on there and only visit occasionally. Still on the fence about Facebook…

    Gripe #2: I completely get what you’re saying. I write fantasy–I’ve always written fantasy–so there is just going to be magic in it. It’s part of the genre. But the whole paranormal/zombie/werewolf market does seem pretty saturated. I’m really not into most of it, but oddly, those books seem to keep selling. Maybe because they’re short, easy reads? I dunno…

    Gripe #3: I’m using Firefox, and I haven’t had that problem with WP, even with blogs on their own domains. Hmm… Is it because I’m on a PC? Good luck getting that figured out… I just exhausted my technical knowledge telling you that much… 😛

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