Things I Love About Writing

1. Seeing the ghost of an idea flesh out into something substantial. Characters who speak and move and live their lives in front of me.

2. Solving problems. Waiting patiently while a problem turns round and round, deep in my subconscious mind. Bringing new perspectives to bear, asking questions, proposing what-ifs. Seeing one tiny shift change everything, resolving tensions, untangling knots, answering questions.

3. Revisions. Working with the structure to make it stronger, more interesting. With the characters, to resolve the conflicts between how I originally saw them and how they’ve revealed themselves to me. With the plot, so I can say, yes, this is a logical and believable turn of events.


5 thoughts on “Things I Love About Writing

  1. I like how writing changes my brain. Sometimes, in the midst of a deep writing or editing session, it seems I can feel it physically changing. I have faith that it’s always for the better.

  2. Nice post. Writing is a brainy activity–as well as an emotional one. So much good comes from penning our thoughts and watching them fall into cohesive, touching stories.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Most people would agree with you on #3. For me, revision is part of the magic that’s involved in creating a world and people that have never existed before.

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