Three Projects

They’re sort of simultaneous, but more weaving in between each other. The short story, Something Within the Silence, which is going to be longer than I originally thought. The Warden, last year’s NaNo novel, now starting its third draft. Privileged Lives, almost completely laid out in a phase outline.

Something Within the Silence is going up in once a week sections on my LJ blog. Two so far and maybe just one more, I hope. Entirely from the viewpoint of a mute slave.

I’ve been slicing and dicing the first chapter of The Warden, which is way too long, and find myself changing the style, making it somewhat choppy and skipping from point to point rather than lingering over details. It’s an extreme shift in style and I don’t know yet whether it will work beyond that chapter. Maybe it will be more effective by not carrying through.

Very close to the end of Privileged Lives now, and determined not to go into NaNo with the ending still hanging. I know how it will end, but still have only a vague idea of how to shape it. It feels good to have most of the novel summarized and I’ve reached that point where the characters can have conversations in my head. I know that none of the scenes will play themselves out the same way in November, but it does give me a feeling for the kinds of things the characters will want to talk about and the attitudes they’ll express.They’re beginning to feel real.

I don’t expect to have the draft of The Warden finished by November, but if I can keep ahead on my word count and still have some energy left over at the end of the day, I can probably work on it now and then through the month. I’ve never tried to work on another project while NaNo is going on, so I’m looking forward to seeing how that works out.


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