Looking to 2012

I have no legitimate reason for writing another post today, but acknowledging that it’s one of those procrastinative days when blogging is easier than almost anything else, I’ll just charge ahead.

There’s also no good reason, with NaNo coming up and a novel slogging its way through a third draft, why I should be looking ahead to next year. Maybe it’s another procrastinative device. Anyway. . . (I’ve finally learned to make proper ellipses. Isn’t it pretty?) I need to get some focus in my life and make 2012 more productive than this year has been. Not that it’s been a bad year, not with two novels and a short story finished and published. But it could have been better. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but getting a head start on ways to tackle the confusion that is my life is a good lead-up to the year. So, what are some of the things I need to work on?

1. Keep in mind that writing and publishing are the primary goals. The supporting work I need to pay more attention to is promotion and cover design (learn Gimp).

2. Find a way to avoid days and weeks of writing downtime. That means breaking myself out of funks when all I want to do is read, and not necessarily fine literature.

3. Work more steadily at compiling and expanding past blog posts for two nonfiction ebooks. One on giftedness. One on the maverick’s approach to writing.

4. Do more book reviewing, and make more effort to cross-post reviews so they gain a wider readership. Not everybody uses Goodreads.

I could add all the usual stuff about health, good diet, exercise, etc. because when I feel like hell my writing suffers. But I won’t.

4 thoughts on “Looking to 2012

  1. Isn’t Armageddon sometime in 2012? At the beginning or end, I forget which. That’s been keeping my nose as close to the grindstone as it will get, which admittedly, isn’t terribly close. But still close enough to see sparks. * * * . . Oh, pretty! . . So . . Am I doing ellipses wrong?

    I sympathize (I think) with your hell feeling. My cousin Flo is trying to kill me, and I ODed on Carrot Cake.

    But still I live . . because these damn books aren’t gonna write themselves.

  2. I think Armageddon is actually around this time next year, so we should be kicking back and enjoying ourselves before it all goes to hell. Unfortunately, my body is rebelling more and more against any sweets ODing–including carrot cake, alas. Oh god, why did you have to mention it? I remember the last carrot cake I had, tender and delicious with creamy icing.

    The ellipses — three dots with a space in between each one. Who knew? It does look nicer, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to go back and edit my two books. Thank goodness, everything else is in some stage of WIPness, so I can edit ellipses as I go along.

  3. Would it help if I said my carrot cake was vegan? Flaxseed powder instead of eggs, Earth Balance instead of butter, and tofu instead of cream cheese in the icing. Some people turn their noses up at that. And the carrots were organic, so you know they had all kinds of creepy-crawlies squirming all over them in the field.

    Funny about the ellipses- I’d been doing them the opposite way. Three spaces with dots in between. I think that way looks modern and unhurried at the same time . . Another stylistic quandary to ponder.

    1. That doesn’t help at all. I’m sure even a vegan carrot cake would bust my self-control. When I was still gardening, I was completely organic, so I’m all too familiar with creepy crawlies. That only thing that truly turned me off was baby cabbage worms in the broccoli. They were impossible to get rid of, so that was the end of broccoli for me.

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