More Randoms

I think I can stop checking out Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deal. I tried it for about two weeks and haven’t yet seen a book that interests me. Not surprising, though, since formula fiction of any kind turns me off, and most genres are pretty much nothing but formula.

Joined a networking site called Book Blogs. Lots of self-promotion going on, but that’s essentially what it’s for: promotion of your reviews of other people’s book. I’ve been pretty lax about doing reviews. Maybe this will give me a kick in the pants.

The saddest thing I’ve seen today was in Androphilia, a Tumblr site that covers just about everything, including erotic art. Two photos, side by side, of the same person. Na’el Barghouti, a Palestinian, was arrested at the age of 19. He was released today at the age of 52. The contrast between the youngster with his clear eyes and unlined face, and the worn, grey-haired man he is today is heartbreaking. 33 years in an Israeli jail. Today, such arrests are still going on, and of children much younger than Barghouti, part of Israel’s ethnic cleansing by attrition.

Watching the Occupy Wall Street movement, and waiting for the crackdown here in the U.S.  Worth reading: Wall Street’s Second Occupation: The Rise of the NYPD’s Homeland Security State.


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