I goofed off on the writing today. After ten days of hard wordsmithing, I thought I deserved it. But I wasn’t going to slack off completely, so the goal for the day was 2,000 words. And I finally did it — squeezed out the last hundred or so to finish with 2,003 words, some of which may not even make sense tomorrow morning because it’s the tail end of the day and I can hardly keep my eyes open.

There are times when the writing flows like water along a sparkling stream and other times when it’s a tooth-gritting struggle.

I’m a little more than 13,000 words away from the NaNo finish line, and probably another 35,000 or so away from the end of the novel. I think Week Two fatigue is beginning to set in because that line looks awfully far away.


7 thoughts on “Slacker!

    1. C’mon! Once you really get into the writing thing, 2k in one day is like stealing candy from a bunch of kiddies. That used to be Stephen King’s daily goal. It probably still is since he’s still churning out the books.

      It’s like anything that you have to practice. One day you look back and wonder how a lesser goal could have seemed so hard because now you’re doing so much more. I remember when 1,667 words a day seemed like a mountain. Now, unless I’m having a generally rotten day, it’s a molehill. If you can do that much, 2k isn’t that much more.

      So quit’cha griping and get busy, gal.

    1. Don’t be deceived by the numbers. I’m pushing myself much harder than I usually do, and it’s taking its toll. Like you, I have chronic physical problems. Some days are better; some days are worse. Today I’m paying for the last two weeks. Normally, I’d have at least 1,667 words by lunchtime. Today is almost gone and I have only 700.

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