That Horse Can’t Run

NaNo is getting to be a hard slog. It has nothing to do with the novel, which is turning out pretty much as I hoped, though there will be a lot of backfilling and revising later on–months from now, probably. It’s just plain fatigue slowing me down, along with that constant background nagging from the WIPs.

One of the writing projects I hope to get to shortly after the new year starts is an ebook about getting the most out of Smashwords. I have notes and tentative chapter headings, so it really shouldn’t take that long once I get into it.

I was reminded of it again this morning when I came across the intro to a blog post. The post is on a brand-new blog. It’s the only post so far and announces itself as promotion for the author’s books, which are already published on Smashwords. It’s really frustrating to read posts like that. There’s so much information about publishing and promotion freely available on the web that I have to wonder why anyone intelligent enough to write and publish, and willing to do the work involved, hasn’t bothered to learn what promoting their writing will involve. Yes, I know I’ve said that before.

Promotion can be a long slow process. Developing a readership for a blog is a long slow process. Until the blog has a significant readership, using it for promotion is like trying to get a horse to push a cart uphill. The horse isn’t supposed to push the cart. Seems like an obvious fact, but I guess not.


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