Next Year’s NaNo? Give it Rest, Will You?

Just what I needed. A possible idea for next year’s NaNo novel. Should I blame the person who posted the question on the NaNo forums–“Already have an idea for next year?” Or was it that article about the destruction of Native American culture that got me to thinking about my favorite downer, the inescapable xenophobia of humans?

I’m close to the end of this year’s novel, with too many notes already accumulating about the work that it will need when I get back to it sometime next year. Even for someone who starts planning the next NaNo novel as early as March, this is extreme. And I really don’t want to be writing a novel that requires I actually make use of all the articles I’ve been collecting on fun subjects like environmental degradation, climate change, growth of police states, religious fanatics and their political ambitions, overpopulation, and much, much more.

But some ideas are like viruses. They sneak in and invisibly multiply until they take over the system and finally explode in fever, aches and pains . . .  ahem. They explode in a burst of creativity. Another science fiction novel? This time with aliens?

We shall see.


2 thoughts on “Next Year’s NaNo? Give it Rest, Will You?

  1. Oh, dear, how can you enjoy the act of writing when you write about such gloomy subjects? My books touch on these subjects, but tangentially. Just to be frank, I’m not out to change our current world – I think it’s a lost cause. We’ll go down the tubes starting around the end of this century, but I do see hope for the future. We’ll pull ourselves out of the Second Dark Age, achieving a full return to a civilized society some 700 years from now. And it’s not going to be science or religion that pulls us out – it’s going to be myth, something that reaches down into the human psyche and shows us that we have the power to be better than we are. The persons instrumental in this change will be called the Mythmakers and what they write is … fantasy! (Actually, I should be putting this on my own blog; I do plan to write about it in the future.)
    I was finally able to get the right software to download a sample of your “Hidden Boundaries,” but strangely it still didn’t go to Kindle (yes, it was plugged in.) It went to my PC. Anyway, I read the first chapter – very professionally written (my grammar police mode didn’t have to activate!), and it does draw you in. If I like the rest of the sample, I’ll probably buy the book.
    Also, if you were to try “Monster Is in the Eye of the Beholder,” you might find the subject pessimistic enough to please even you! Human xenophobia is certainly an element of the story.

    1. I don’t have much hope for the immediate future either, but I try to present things in such a way that the individuals involved can find something positive in their lives. And who knows, maybe a few readers will be moved to take some positive action. Plus, I don’t overlook the very real possibility that my writing helps me cope with the discouragement than can turn into depression.

      Brave you, predicting the far future! I wouldn’t dare, but it’s fascinating to think about, isn’t it?

      I hope you enjoy Hidden Boundaries, but i should warn you that it and its sequel are very unlike what I’m moving toward now. I wanted to write about slavery in a way that didn’t perpetuate the cliches that are so popular. Even as a fantasy idea about slavery, I wanted the stories to be as realistic as possible. Will drop you a note about buying it, in case you get that far. And Monster.

      Amazon has added another stop to dowloading books. You have to select whether you want the book to go to your cloud (which is probably why it went to your computer), or to your device. I don’t have a Kindle, so I now have to direct it to the Kindle app on my computer. Pain in the whatsis.

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