This Is My Country

November, 2011

6 thoughts on “This Is My Country

  1. Hmm . . were they rioting and looting a few minutes before *all of them* were miraculously cuffed to the ground?

    But seriously, do you have any more info about this photo? I’d curious as to why they are NOT being “processed.”

      1. IMO the scariest part of this trend (I assume it’s a new trend) is that the ubiquitous video cams are NOT a deterrent to this kind of police brutality. Yes, I’ve seen the occasional video of a police officers shielding their faces or taping over their name tags and badge numbers, but I mostly see them blatantly and aggressively denying the civil rights of peaceful protestors. Just how deluded does one have to be to think pepper-spraying a peaceful row of students sitting on the ground on a college campus is a good idea? I’m still in shock that all Lt. Pike got out of it was a paid vacation! Geesh . . now I’m all worked up again.

        1. I’m at the point where I need to stop reading about that kind of thing, plus private prisons, religious fanaticism, politics, and just about everything else. Everything touches a nerve and I feel overwhelmed by the futility of trying to change anything for the better.

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