In the Groove Again

It feels good to be back at work. I edited eight chapters of The Warden today and a chapter of Privileged Lives, this year’s NaNo novel. I absolutely wasn’t planning to touch Privileged Lives until next year, but I still had an “empty pocket” after grinding through those eight chapters. What’s an empty pocket? The little bit of room that’s left for dessert even when you’re absolutely stuffed and can’t eat another bite.

I couldn’t face another chapter of The Warden tonight, but I had just enough mental energy to tackle something small. And Privileged Lives really didn’t want to be put away for the next few months. So, who knows, maybe I can keep working at the second draft of the newest novel while I’m getting other projects finished.


3 thoughts on “In the Groove Again

  1. You are so industrious! 🙂 I get motivated just reading how productive you are and how good you feel about it. – Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how great a feeling it is. (I just had a couple of days of being “scared” of my own story until I jumped right back into it and felt great about it again.)

    1. I hate those times when I look at a story and wonder why I’m even bothering or why I thought it was so good. But it passes. Of course, we’re the worst judges of how good or bad our work is, but we have to have enough faith to keep at it. I’m glad I can nudge your motivation a bit. I certainly depend on others’ enthusiasm for their own work when my own is lagging.

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