The More Things Change – 2011 Into 2012

Small decisions can bring about large changes. Finally rejecting Amazon as a publishing platform has brought to the fore ideas that have been floating around in the back of my mind. 1. The possibility of eventually submitting a novel or novella to an online publisher. 2. Setting up a website with a sales page where I can offer my books directly to readers. Both will stay in the thinking stage for a while, possibly a year or more, but they are in the mix.

A major change I’ll be making fairly soon is serializing this year’s NaNo novel, right here on Tracking the Words. I have, in the past, serialized my work on Live Journal, usually a spell-checked and slightly cleaned up original draft. This time, it will be a second draft, with plot holes plugged, background and characters more fully developed, and more highly polished. Then, just before publishing, I’ll put the first three chapters of the final draft on Dark Boundaries.

A change in my working methods, which stems partly from that decision, is that Privileged Lives and Other Lies won’t be languishing on my hard drive until some time in the vague future when I can get around to it. I’ve learned that the longer a novel waits, unfinished, the less likely I am ever to get around to it. So, I’m currently working on one chapter a day of the second draft. When I’m far enough ahead, that’s when I’ll start serializing it.

One new path I’ve already started on is the series on novel-writing, using excerpts from my own work to provide illustrations. Showing the early stages of your work, with all its weaknesses, seems to be one of those things that authors shouldn’t do. But I believe that novelists who are still learning the craft, and I include myself, need to see the ugly side of writing. They need to know that it’s there and that you can work your way through it to a high level of accomplishment.

So, that’s what I’m looking at for the coming year. But the more things change . . .


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