The Best Laid Plans …

Or — there’s many a slip. My plans for serializing Privilege Lives suffered a temporary hiccup before solidifying. I’d planned to finish editing The Warden and get it up on Smashwords in early January. The serialization of PL would go on for as long as it took, and then I would publish it. But I hadn’t counted on the darned thing getting so long. 37 chapters at a chapter a week? Oh boy. That would put off publishing until next Fall. So, I decided to try an experiment. I’ll start serializing, publish the book when it’s ready to go (April or May, I hope), and continue the serialization. That way, anyone who doesn’t want to buy the book can still read it in a slightly earlier draft. If they get impatient to know how it comes out, the book will be there to tempt them.

I’m also going to see if I can combine some of the shorter chapters, and set up a less-than-weekly schedule. Maybe every five days. However I decide to do it, look for the first two chapters to appear right here, the first week in January.


3 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans …

  1. I really like this idea of serializing, publishing the book when it is ready AND continuing the serialization of it according to schedule, so that readers can choose to read the book in serial or buy the book if they’re unable to wait for the next instalment. It’s a nice option to have, IMO. I’ve been thinking of doing something similar with my next book–revising, posting/serializing (inspired by your projects!) and then publishing. The sequence is still up in the air, though…

    Have you heard of wattpad? It seems like a readily accessible platform for readers to access the work via phone, tablet, or computer (free app download for portables). Am thinking of trying it out for the serialization (along with blogging it).

  2. I’m glad you’re considering serializing, in some form. It’s been very rewarding for me, and I think it’s really the best way to get people interested in your writing. This is the first time I’ll be publishing while still posting chapters, so it will be interesting to see how it works out.

    I joined Wattpad for a short time, a year or so ago, and found that it wasn’t really the place for me. Yes, it’s popular, but it’s youth-centric, and so loaded with angsty amateur writing, that it’s hard to find anything with substance. I think it doesn’t allow adult material, either, so much of my writing wouldn’t be acceptable there.

    I’m taking another look at Authonomy, not with the intention of having Harper Collins pick me up, but another way to network and get my writing in front of people. Check it out. You may find it preferable to Wattpad.

    1. I’ll check them both out! I tried authonomy a few years back when it first started, but didn’t take to it at the time. I may give it another try, though, as I’m sure it’s evolved considerably since then!

      Good point re Wattpad and adult material. I notice it gave Don Coyote (which I posted there) a PG-13 and apparently I can’t change that back to say, PG. They now have a rating system, so the scope of work may have widened. A writer I follow recently posted about it, and so I checked it out and had a look at his work on there. I’ve also got some public domain reading for school (e.g. Dr. Jekyll, Dorian Gray etc.) so have been reading that on the mobile app. I’ll check out what else is up there now, and see if the content has expanded since the days of predominantly angsty stuff…

      I’m most curious to see how it will work out re posting while publishing! It sounds like a great idea to me!

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