Random Bits of — Randomness

It’s that time of year — when days with temperatures in the 40s are warm. Woke up to nine degrees this morning.

Just read a blog post about setting goals using various writing aids. ROW80 was specifically mentioned, and it made me realize how lucky I am. After a lifetime of thinking about writing, wanting to be a writer, I finally write almost every day. And I do include editing and revision. Being the world’s worst procrastinator, you’d think I’d be one of those would-be writers who needs to live by a schedule and set specific goals, including word counts. But that hasn’t happened. I can’t live by schedules because there’s always something more attractive than what I was supposed to be doing next. And the only time word counts are useful is during NaNoWriMo. So what’s my secret? Obsession. Addiction, if you want to look at it that way. It’s the only thing that gives me real satisfaction, even an occasional high. What more does anyone need?

A rare blog post on LJ from Dusk Peterson today. There’s someone who’s not only a superb writer, but who keeps slogging through bad health and other setbacks. If you aren’t acquainted with his work, get thee to Smashwords. Dusk Peterson. All his SW books are free or set-your-own-price. Check out some samples. If you like what you see, buy something, and be generous.

My creative spark (even for editing, because I do consider editing to be part of my creativity) barely sputters most mornings, so that’s my time for web surfing and picking up ideas the way a squirrel picks up nuts. So I’m trying something new. I’m (very slowly) putting together a book on using Smashwords. It’s been hanging for so long that I’m getting a bit desperate about it. I’m just not that crazy about writing nonfiction these days. So I’m going to try using part of my non-creative mornings to work on that little albatross. Made some nice progress on it yesterday, and that’s up next, today.

I’d more or less planned to post another book review today. Tomorrow, then.



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