Review: Persephone’s Library and Other Short Stories

Persephone’s Library and Other Short Stories by Kathryn Anthony

Approximately 39,000 words

Description: “A collection of five stories centered around themes of social dis-integration. They are stories in which things fall apart, and the centre cannot hold. The world is changed, and what remains of civilization is left ragged and flailing–the result of forces the protagonists find inexplicable, even as they struggle to find meaning and rebuild their lives.”

Four stars

What sets this book apart from the general run of post-apocalypse writing is that you see this ruined world from the points of view of several different people. Life is hard, sometimes brutal, but there is hope, even if it’s sometimes a very slender hope. There are paranormal elements in all but one of the stories, different for each one. The linking of the stories is subtle, and at first, it isn’t clear that they’re all about the same world. By the end, you know a little of what happened, but not exactly what or how.

It’s a quiet book that depends on mood to draw the reader in. And it works wonderfully well. It focuses on the characters, and what little action there is takes place off-screen.

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3 thoughts on “Review: Persephone’s Library and Other Short Stories

    1. Yes, it is. There are a few minor typos here and there, but I don’t remember anything serious. If you’re interested, the first story, Don Coyote de la Merika, is a free read. Follow the book link to her profile page, to find it. That’s what convinced me to buy it.

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