Sunday Serendipity

I keep thinking about the text I put at the head of the right column the other day (part of the housecleaning and re-arrangement of the furniture), wanting to say something more about the need to stop thinking about becoming a writer, and sitting down to work.  But the old brain has been having a hard time of it lately, a bit overwhelmed by the current WIP and the need to get it over and done with. When it comes to a blog post, there are either too many ideas running around to choose from, or none at all. And that always leads to an extended spell of Oh, the hell with it.

So what to my wondering eyes should appear this morning? A lovely post by Cynthia Robertson, about showing up to meet the muse, even when you have plenty of excuses not to, and what you might miss if you don’t. Go read it. Showing up. 



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