Looking for a Title

I’m still having fits over the title for Privileged Lives. The present title has already been used several times for other books, and I prefer one that’s easy to find in a search. Multiple books with the same title make thaat harder. So, here’s a list of current choices, and an opportunity for you readers to have a say in which one I finally choose.

Privileged Lives and Other Lies — the original and the one I like best. Too long, too confusing?

Privileged Lies

Empty Promises, Privileged Lives

Closely Guarded Lies

I’d ask for other suggestions, but this early on, there isn’t enough to go on. Still, if you want to make a stab at it . . . The description at the head of Chapter 1 might help.

“The United States has devolved into a nation trying to survive climate change, resource depletion and economic disaster. The by-word of the military/corporate government is “Survival at any cost.” 15-year-old Linden, a brilliant high school junior, is drafted for an elite college program that doesn’t take “no” for an answer. Bennett, Linden’s tutor/advisor, who’s also been drafted, finds that his role isn’t as benign as it was made to sound. Together, they face the pressures exerted by the military provost of the college, and the dangers that come with trying to preserve a tiny core of personal freedom.”


7 thoughts on “Looking for a Title

  1. My fav of the titles you listed is “Privileged Lives and Other Lies.” I don’t think it’s too long, and it’s not at all confusing, IMO. But, like you said, “Privileged Lives” has been used several times already.

    So here are my stabs:

    At Any Cost
    Favor of Lies
    Fast Track Freedom

    That’s all I could come up with from the description. Sounds like an intriguing book, though.

    Good luck!

  2. Catana

    I think the title must ALSO reflect the nature of your target audience. For example, if YA is your expected reader, then more active sounding titles might better suit.

    The Second Age
    Scholar, Soldier, Slave
    Taking Steps
    Freedom 2.0


  3. I still think Privileged Lives and Other Lies is a tongue-twister. Empty Promises, Privileged Lives – I can’t discern a relationship between the two halves. Closely Guarded Lies suffers from too much fairly meaningless modification.

    At Any Cost has potential, I think.

    Would something to do with survival fit? Maybe like Surviving Lies?

    Hmm – have you thought of searching out a poetry quotation? That’s my venue!

    1. I hadn’t thought about poetry specifically, but I meant to do a Bartlett’s search. Thanks for the reminder. It’s interesting that you think Privileged Lives and Other Lies is a tongue-twister. For me, it falls trippingly off the tongue.

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