Random Thursday Notes

How do I know it’s Thursday? It says so on my computer’s menu bar. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have any idea. Most days feel like Saturday or Sunday to me. Anyway…

Making good progress on preparing Privileged Lives for Smashwords. Formatting is done, tags and description are coming along, and I’m figuring out how to do everything in Scrivener. Normally, I port the chapter files from Scrivener to Open Office, but I thought maybe it’s about time I learned to use more of Scrivener’s new features. And there are a hell of a lot of them.

The cover design needs tweaks, but is looking pretty good. Instead of hacking it through two or three graphics programs, I’m using Paintbrush, which is working well, so far. It doesn’t use layers, but I can get along without them for this cover. I’m still determined to learn GIMP, but with a self-set deadline looming, I don’t need any more aggravation.

I’m thinking about joining Authonomy and putting up several chapters. Of all the “free read/social network sites I’ve looked at, it looks like the best choice for some promotional juice.

Once the book is up on Smashwords, I’ll get serious about Amazon. Yes, despite my feelings about the juggernaut, it makes sense. The plan is for books to appear on Smashwords first, then Amazon. And I will not be entering any of them in the Select program. As far as I’m concerned, Amazon is an adjunct to Smashwords, not the other way around.

The first book to go up will be Hidden Boundaries. That’s been out for six months now, so it’s time to see if Amazon can boost the bottom line. If that works out, I’ll add Crossing Boundaries after a month.

A word about blogging “awards.” Yes, in quotes. I can see their value if you are working on amping up your blog readership, but let’s not pretend they’re awards. They’re a form of I’ll pat you on the back and then you pass it on to a bunch of other people. I just received my second of these and turned it down, as usual. Does anyone who’s concentrating on serious writing and publishing even bother with these things? Who has the time? And why would I want to dredge up seven boring facts about myself? If there’s something my readers might care to know about me, it goes in a blog post, and it has nothing to do with my childhood pets or the cereal I eat. If there’s anything more boring than 95% of all author interviews, it’s a listing of “things about me.”


5 thoughts on “Random Thursday Notes

  1. Made me laugh. I never know what day it is. I actually bought one of those clocks that only have the seven days of the week on it.

    Popped over to look at Authonomy–you’re always full of newsy info. I love the way you name-drop. Or I guess you’d call it site-drop these days.

    1. I really should do a blog post comparing some of those post-your-work sites. But that would be too much like work. I might make it a mini-project: doing a one-at-a-time look-over to refresh my memory and then putting them together in a detailed but highly-biased report.

  2. Oh, don’t even get me started talking about those places. Most of the time it’s like putting your work on the Titanic.

    IMHO: First thing you do is go to the comment section and the Forum. If you don’t see some intelligent, useful, enlightening, and on-topic statements, move your hand to the mouse and slowly back out. Whahah!

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