Remnants of a Scattered Day

Some days, I just can’t get myself together. One major job seems to be all I can tackle, and the rest have to wait for a better day. But I did get Within the Silence published on Smashwords and Kindle today. I still need to post the cover here, and I won’t post the links until it’s live on Kindle, which is taking longer than with my two previous books.

One good thing that has nothing to do with writing is that the pressure cooker I ordered the other day arrived. I haven’t used a pressure cooker in years, but son #1 recently got one and that inspired me to give it some serious thought. The idea of last-minute meals, like being able to start brown rice when it’s already to late for that to be practical is very enticing.

The other good thing is that my tentative plan of publishing one piece of writing a month is beginning to look doable. Alternating between short and long pieces was a stroke of inspiration, but makes me wonder why it was so difficult to arrive at. Well, I’ve always been a slow learner. But I usually do get there eventually.

On the other side of the coin, I’m back at work on The Warden. It’s been over a year since I wrote it, during NaNoWriMo, and I’m still struggling to find the right ending. There’s a small gleam of light on the horizon, though, so maybe there’s hope for finishing it this month.

Something Rik Scott said made me think of the old saying, “A woman’s work is never done.” Change that to “writer,” and it will fit me perfectly.


4 thoughts on “Remnants of a Scattered Day

  1. Well done on the publishing. One piece a month is reasonable, I reckon, especially if you count short stories.
    I got my first proofs from CreateSpace yesterday. Great feeling, to hold your own book in your hands (ebooks be d*mned, even if only for that brief moment!)

    1. 🙂 Okay, not everyone likes ebooks. But I don’t have either the patience or the audience to justify putting out paperbacks. Maybe some day. I think holding proofs in my hot little hands would be nice. Good for you.

      I’m not going to kill myself to stick to a publication every month, but it’s a good guideline for me to work with.

    1. One a month isn’t quite as bad as it sounds. I have a huge backlog of WIPs in various stages, so it isn’t as if I’ll be starting something brand new every month. I spent a lot of the last two years overflowing with ideas and just kept going with each one until I couldn’t get any further or until another one distracted me.

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