Within the Silence – Available Now

Within the Silence is live on Smashwords and Kindle, for $.99. This is a much expanded version from the one posted on Live Journal. 16,000 words of angsty character study.

“When a stranger who is unfamiliar with slavery asks too many questions, the perfect balance in a master/slave relationship is destroyed. Under the stranger’s goading, another man’s conscience wakes up and, in order to correct an injustice and alleviate his own guilt for covering up a lie, he risks the loss of a close friend.

“ ‘My master can do anything he wishes to his property; use me in any way that pleases him, even deprive me of life. But he cherishes me. Everything I am is of his making.’ A master’s treatment of his pampered slave is challenged. A slave’s devotion is tested as the wheels of memory begin to turn. Long-hidden truths are revealed. Is it a gain or a loss?”

I also lowered the price of Privileged Lives and Hidden Boundaries to $2.99.


12 thoughts on “Within the Silence – Available Now

    1. I haven’t had any problem accessing them today, so it’s probably something to do with where you are. Communication can break down anywhere along the line. Hope you make it. Maybe you’ll be the first one to buy it.

        1. I think you were right, way back. There’s some kind of curse on you. Your first comment came through, but this one got marked as spam. Doesn’t happen too often, but it’s weird that it happens at all.

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