Another Odds and Ends Day – Read an Ebook

There are so many topics spinning through my head today, but I’m also mentally immersed in editing The Warden, so I’m not going to try to pin myself down to one subject. By coincidence, I just saw that one of the books I reviewed, Fly Up Into the Night Air, is on sale during Read an Ebook Week. So, here are the links to a few indie writers who are offering you a chance to get acquainted with them. Links are to the author’s blog posts and coupons.

Fly Up Into the Night Air

Ruin You need to scroll down to find information about this one (free this weekend, 1/2 off starting Monday)

Dystopia  I’ve only read the sample, but it looks good, and this is a subject I’m interested in: prison reform. The author teaches creative writing in a prison.

Turns out I can’t find any easy way to see if other books I know about are on sale, so if you’re willing to take a chance and just browse, try this: Smashwords Ebook Week specials

I haven’t set up any coupons, but all my novels are $2.99 for the forseeable future, two of them reduced from $3.99. There’s one long short story at $.99, and one freebie. When I’m a best-selling author, you can look back at my first efforts and snicker about how awful they were, so get them now.

It looks as if I might pin myself to one subject after all because I can’t remember the other subjects I was going to skim over. [long pause here, for memory reconnect]

No luck. Instead, I’ll point you to a few books in my Smashwords library, some I’ve read, and some that look worth a read.

Blomefylde and the Necromancer Historical fiction. The title and description are intriguing, and the sample is very well written. I suspect I’ll be buying this one.

Broken Slate  Science fiction, but more literary, and a character study. One of those books that slips out of sight because it doesn’t really fit in any genre. But I’ve read it twice, it’s that good.

Persephone’s Library and other Short Stories  Beautifully written science fiction/fantasy

Moriarty The Life and Times of a Criminal Genius  I’m recommending this one with some strong reservations, for lovers of Sherlock Holmes. The sample is fairly well-written, but badly needs editing. Since there are no paragraph indents or breaks, the text is often unbroken blocks. And the price is way too high for its short length. But it’s probably worth looking at and putting in your Smashwords library in case the author decides to make significant changes.

Finally, a general recommendation. If you want to support indie writers, there are two things you can do. Write reviews — on your blog, on Goodreads, or wherever. If a book is a freebie and you really enjoyed it, keep track, and when the author puts a price on it, BUY IT.

Late addition – Ann Somerville has almost all her stories at discount, which makes a few of them free. I just picked up two of the very few that I didn’t already own. Give her a try. Most of her books involve male/male relationships, but sex is never the main motivator for the characters. Good solid stories, well-written. Ann Somerville The correct code for the 75% off books is on the book pages at Smashwords.


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