What the . . .?

Ever have days that are totally weird? Today is one of those, for me. And the least weird was the multiple emails it took to get B & N’s Pubit to close my account. I took my books off sale and am now letting Smashwords distribute them, but the (possibly Artificial Intelligence) person I was dealing with kept coming up with bizarre twists on what I’d actually asked them to do. But it’s over and done now, though I still have no idea whether they also deleted the original uploaded books. I have to assume they did because asking about that, yet again, would probably result in another round of misunderstandings.

The strangest part of today (so far, since weird things always come in threes) is that there have been almost 200 hits on this blog at 3: 00 pm, and the most I’ve ever had before was too amazing days that almost hit 100 earlier this month. Oops, now 204. Is this a repeat of the spam referrers that we WordPress bloggers were all up in arms about some months back? It’s hard for me to believe that this blog just became immensely popular. And I don’t think I said anything that would be one of those sudden fad keywords.

So I’m waiting for weirdity #3. I’m not complaining because the last two days have been completely unproductive and I could use a little mystery and amusement to perk up my mood.

So, in place of anything half-way intelligent or profound on my part, I think you should read Sarah Hoyt’s wonderful new blog post, Art, Politics and Meaning. Yes, it’s long. But worth it. A catchy title for it might be How to Write Books That Make People Think, and Still Write For the Ages.

217 hits. This is ridiculous.


6 thoughts on “What the . . .?

  1. It’s gotta be a spammer. I’ve been getting one or two Comment posts a day lately that are spam and also two or three emails (not counting the legitimate ones from important people that gmail puts in the spam folder). But not two hundred and some! And my hits have gone up because of the chapter posts but not outrageously. Does your blog tell you what countries and URLs the views are coming from? That might be a clue. In the beginning I was letting lots of views from “domar . ru,” a Russian site. I made a mistake of clicking on it once and the views picked up like crazy. So I searched it in Google and found it was a spam site.
    For an amusing take on spamming, see David Lever’s website: http://aliquot.ca/blog/?p=441. Even being a mathematician didn’t help him!

    1. WordPress has a very good spam catcher. If it was ordinary spam it would be held for me to check out. There was a bad epidemic a few months ago of something called referral spam, but it never got this bad, and WordPress seems to have figured out how to block it. I checked the forum a while ago, and nobody else is complaining about excessive hits. Almost 300 now. It might just be that a very popular site mentioned the blog, but that wouldn’t account for some 250 of them being one to a page. It’s almost as if someone’s going through the entire blog. David’s mass spammers were probably the mysterious “referrers.” WP explained how they work, but it went right over my head.

      Will email you later. Not a good day yesterday or today.

  2. I think there’s someone (kids probably) that goes around to blogs that do not appear to get a lot of traffic (like ours) and on one day, visit a bunch of times and then leave. That way, in a couple of days, when you check your WordPress stat graph, it will look like someone is giving you the finger.

    It has happened to me a couple of time and I think that is what is going on. Someone, somewhere on the internet, is laughing. 😉

    1. That’s a new one on me, but not surprising. Bored kiddies are always finding new ways to piss people off. And “kiddies” doesn’t have anything to do with age. I imagine things will get back to normal when they get tired of clicking around. Let them laugh. Assh—s amuse me.

      1. At least views on the blog don’t keep you awake! Once years ago some little kids in the neighborhood took to telephoning us time after time after time. We had a listed number then. We had to get after the parents. At least nothing rings if a kid accesses your blog!

        1. True. The hits aren’t even that annoying, if that’s what the kiddies are after. It was just a mystery I wanted to solve. I think they got bored and moved on already. The “finger” seems to have stopped at a little over 300.

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