Looking at Progress

Privileged Lives has finally been approved for the Smashwords Premium catalog, which means distribution to almost any ebook store people may prefer. It will be a couple of weeks before they all show up, but eventually, you’ll be able to buy all my books at B & N, Kobo, Apple, and others. For those who prefer to shop at Amazon,  it went live there today. Privileged Lives and Other Lies, $2.99.

I’m taking a temporary break from working on The Warden, and diving back into a novella that I’ve been playing with for a year or more. The Perfect Slave will be the third book that takes place in the Hand Slaves universe of Carhagen. It’s much grittier than either Hidden Boundaries or Crossing Boundaries, maybe even somewhat over the top in some areas. It’s an “autobiography” of a slave who is now free, but still a slave in his mind.

I’d like to finish it and get it published in the next couple of months, but I don’t want it to distract me from The Warden. Maybe I’ll post part of the first chapter sometime soon and see if it rings anyone’s chimes.

I need to pump up the self-discipline or I’m going to start bouncing all over the place again. So many of my WIPs keep waking up and calling to me: “Yoo hoo, here we are. Please don’t keep neglecting us. We’re gathering a heavy layer of dust.” Shut up and get in line, guys.


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