Posting new chapters — should I bother?

This is my post for the weekend.

As far as I can tell, there’s very little interest in Privileged Lives. Most chapters have had no more than a dozen or so hits, and it’s been a long, long  time since there’s been a single comment or even a Like. I have more than enough to keep me busy, so if nobody’s going to miss the chapters, discontinuing the posting will be one task out of the way.

I recognize that Privileged Lives isn’t what people expect from science fiction; it’s slow to develop, and it doesn’t have any “gee whiz” going for it. Maybe it will find an audience eventually. Maybe I’ll just have to consider it a dud. That’s part of the writing life.



10 thoughts on “Posting new chapters — should I bother?

  1. It could be a dud, but I don’t like to read stories on my computer or in blog posts. I like to be able to download the material onto my Kindle app and read in bed. It’s just the way I am. So I usually ignore chapters that people post. I don’t even try to read them. Everyone is different, though. There might be others who do like to read via their browsers. Also, keep in mind that you have to somehow advertise to readers that you are putting out free content on your blog. Not sure how to do that…

    1. I’m not crazy about reading chapters online, myself. But that’s mostly because I have a poor memory, and if there’s more than a few days between the chapters, I may have to go back and review.

      I also put the links on my Live Journal blog, which is where I first started posting book chapters. It worked very well for the first one, but the results are different each time. Also, since this book is already for sale on Smashwords and Kindle, there may be less interest in following it here. Not that it’s translating into sales, because it isn’t.

      1. Hmm, if you already have it e-published elsewhere, I wouldn’t put the chapters on your blog. Maybe just excerpts of chapters? Just a paragraph or two and then a link to where they can buy the book? Just a thought.

        1. It’s the first time I’ve done it this way. Usually, I post all the chapters a fair while before the book is published. The link is on the sidebar if people want to buy it, but I think maybe doing it simultaneously wasn’t the best idea in the world. I like to experiment, but it’s hard to know the cause for some things not working out.

  2. I don’t believe your book is a “dud”. It is certainly different, but that is on the plus side of the ledger in my opinion.

    A recent speaker at Fremont Area Writers made the point that publishing some of your work on a blog, in chapters or sub-chapters, is a good idea. She says it helps to build a following.

    One suggestion might be to be sure that each chapter you post has links to the previous chapter, the next chapter, and the first chapter so someone stumbling upon a chapter in the middle of the book has easy recourse to finding the start.

    I urge you to not take it too personally if you don’t get a lot of hits or comments at first. Not everyone who will read it will have been a reader of your blog on the day you put out the first chapter. People will come when they do. And, as the word gets out, more and more will come.

    Trust me on this. My blog is over two years old, and I am still often saddened by how few visitors actually make a comment. A lot of people are lurkers. They will read, perhaps even be inspired by your output, but will never bring themselves to say a word about it.

    BTW, I’m hoping to see my “eBooks” review and referral page up sometime this weekend, and hope that will direct some attention to your wonderful story.

    As a charter member of the “What’s The Use” club, I can easily empathize. My best advice? Don’t give up.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Rik. I know that most people never comment, but it’s a little more discouraging when it’s something like this. But my bad. On Live Journal, I always provided links to previous chapters. Here, I created an index page, and I haven’t even kept it updated. I think I’ll remedy that this weekend. Update, and add the index link to each chapter.

      I’ve hit one of my black holes today, so the kick in the pants is good timing. Just what I needed. I can’t seem to get going on writing, so it’s a good time for housekeeping.

  3. Well you already know how I feel about the story – you sucked me in with the first 10 or so chapters and when the ebook became available, I bought it right away because I couldn’t wait to find out what happens.

    So, even though I see you’re posting the chapters, since I’ve already read (and loved) the entire thing, I don’t bother with the blog posts.

    I know it can be depressing to put your heart and soul into something and when you share it, get nothing but silence back. If it’s any help – PL is one of the stories that I’ve read and will never, ever forget. It’s one of those stories that I will still be thinking about in a year, two years, ten years. There are certain books that touch us in a special way. For me, PL is one of those.

    1. I knew you liked it, but knowing that it really touched you in some way is special. It’s good to know that the book has at least one fan. Maybe there will be more if I give it enough time. Buckets of thanks and bouquets of roses to you.

  4. I was enjoying reading Privileged Lives, then I missed a couple of episodes, was without internet access for a while and still plan to come back and catch up at a long sitting at a suitable time.

    I can only reiterate what others have said, that lots of people read but don’t bother commenting – it was only when I started posting my writing myself that I realised how important it was to let writers know you’re reading.

    Also, are the postings getting enough publicity? LJ has its own inbuilt potential audience but blogs need more to put out more feelers. I’ll happily retweet if that’s any help.

    It’s disheartening when the fish refuse to bite, but that can change at any time.

  5. I’m chagrined to say that I haven’t read any of PL, because like Tmso, I’m not crazy about extended reading sessions on the computer. When I’m on the computer, I’m usually doing my own work and I don’t consider it leisure time. Furthermore, I don’t read as much as I used to, for several reasons. And then I have this strange organizational quirk. I like to read things in the order in which I acquired them, and I have at least two books ahead. So I may try PL someday (because I really enjoyed “Hidden Boundaries”), but not right away.
    And I consider my “Termite Queen” to be slow to develop, too, because that’s the way with really long books. I’m doing my own chapter posts, as you know, Catana, and I’ve had a lot of hits, but only my “Three Musketeers,” as I call the three people who’ve become my biggest fans 🙂 , have gotten back to me either in comments or by email. I know you’ve read most of the chapters, Catana, but haven’t had time to say anything substantive.
    I think it’s a good idea to post samples. As far as linking them together, I have put each one on a separate page, so a clear listing is in the sidebar, except for Ch.7, which I put on a regular post. This was so I could list it on the Third Sunday Blog Carnival.
    I’m quitting with Ch. 13. It’s a pretty good place to stop, and besides I’m hoping to be published by the end of next week at the latest. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed!
    Re publicizing … I always put out a tweet on the day I post a new chapter, and I usually put something on my FaceBook page – not that that does a lot of good. Except for two recent additions, my “friends” aren’t really into the book scene and aren’t interested in my writing efforts. You know, the old adage “A prophet is not without honor except … “

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