Amazon Sales

Just as a brief sidenote to this morning’s post. I’ve had five sales on Amazon in the first two days of April — three of them on, which is, for some reason, turning out to be a good sales source. Even more encouraging is that sales of Crossing Boundaries are almost equal to sales of Hidden Boundaries. That tells me that people like the characters in Hidden Boundaries, and it pushes me just a bit closer to getting serious about one more short entry in Cor and Jordane’s world.


3 thoughts on “Amazon Sales

    1. I hadn’t thought about it before, but sales statistics can be a guide to what works and what doesn’t. Hidden Boundaries was never meant to be the start of a series, and it isn’t, in the usual sense. But the sales of Crossing Boundaries, and one review that expressed a wish for a followup certainly help in deciding whether to go further. Until recently, I’d been thinking that my own little obsession with the characters probably wouldn’t meet with any interest from readers. Of course, we’re talking very tiny sales, compared to any books or series that would be considered successful, but even as a beginning author, it gives me a basis for making decisions about where to put my writing time.

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