The Time Has Come,

. . . the walrus said, to speak of many things. Things like how many blogs is too many. Recognizing that your goals are changing. Acknowledging that you’re in a bridge-burning mood.

All of which leads to the decision to cut back on this blog and maybe eventually put it to sleep. I’ve been doing this for going on a year and eight months, not long to run out of things to post about, but long enough for changes that make it less important to me. I started with the idea of posting about the process of learning to write fiction, the process of writing, and exploring self-publishing. What’s made me aware that I may have said all I have to say about those topics is reading other writers’ blog posts. Not so much reading, really, as skimming, because I’m seeing the same things over and over, and realizing that others are going through the same learning processes and writing about the same subjects. It’s good that they are, because there are always newcomers dipping their toes in the world of writing, and stuff that’s old hat to many of us is bright, shiny new to them.

But too much of it is old hat now, and that applies just as much to my own posts as to what I mostly skip in other people’s blogs. So that’s number one.

Number two is the need to pay more attention to Dark Boundaries, not just for the self-promotion angle, but the ability to blog about subjects that aren’t appropriate here. I also want to stop posting my fiction here, and put it on Dark Boundaries. So, after the last chapter of Privileged Lives goes up, that will be it.

Number three is reviews. I haven’t posted very many here, and it’s always seemed awkward when I have. As more than one successful author has pointed out, when we post about writing, we’re doing it for other writers, while reviews are for readers. Writers are readers and readers are often writers, so there’s no conflict there. It’s more a matter of emphasis. If I spend most of my time posting about writing and publishing, a review here every now and then just doesn’t fit. If Vorpal Blade Reviews takes off, there’s really no point in doing reviews here.

 It’s probably the combination of all these factors that sometimes has me posting reluctantly, more as an obligation than as something I have any real desire to do. And that attitude leads very quickly to posting short summaries of other people’s posts and sending readers off to check out the rest. This blog has simply run out of go juice.  For now, I’ll try for two posts a week, plus the novel chapters. If that works out, fine. No need to rush into a final decision.

11 thoughts on “The Time Has Come,

  1. Blogs evolve. I know mine has (I’ve been blogging for about four years or so – still haven’t learned anything!), but I do think that focusing a blog ensures its success (however that is defined).

    1. They do, indeed, evolve — or die. I’ve been blogging for years, but it seems that a year and a half to two years is about as far as I can go without getting restless and wanting to do something different. Usually, *completely* different.

  2. Whatever you choose to do I hope that you will continue blogging. You are one of my favorite people to keep up with, because you do have such interesting things to say. On the other hand if something isn’t working you should change. I do so recently and I’m having more fun with it than before. Blogging feels less like a chore and more about “Oh! This would be fun to rant about.” I try to tie in the writing aspect, but you’re right that market is saturated and several people do a very good job a doling out the advice. I wasn’t one of them as I was boring myself with my own posts, haha.

    I’ve told you this before, but I really like the idea of Vorpal Blade and I want it to do well. I think if that is the direction you want to take and you want to focus on that then you should. You could always take a break from this blog to focus on the reviewing. Still, the important thing is focusing on writing after all that is what you do and your books should not suffer for sake of a blog. I hope you have an easy time figuring things out.

    1. Thanks, Kate. Right now, I don’t feel as if I’ll have to give up this blog, and maybe after Vorpal Blade is up and running, and I’ve finished overhauling Dark Boundaries, I’ll find a new approach to it. And the fiction does always come first, so everything else has to find its own niche. I really love blogging. Maybe that’s why I always wind up with too many of the darned things.

  3. As long as you give us the links to where you’re going, Catana, I can’t see a problem. I dislike blogging myself, always felt as if I should have been holding on to whatever steam there was to use in a more creative fashion in my fiction, yet I understand that from the point of view of helping others and also SEO, it’s an important thing to do. As long as you’re still active on other platforms, you won’t lose any SEO – and that’s important for an indie author.

    1. I rarely think about SEO when I’m writing, even though I know it’s important. And I’ll be adding the VB link as soon as the site is ready for public viewing.

      I’m not sure what I’d do if there was a conflict between blogging and fiction writing. As it is, blogging is sometimes the relief I need from fiction. My mind works better when I’m using it in different ways and seeking different kinds of stimulation. I don’t think anyone should be blogging if they don’t enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy it and you do it because it’s supposed to be “de rigeur” for establishing an author’s platform, it’s going to be a miserable experience.

  4. That can be a problem with blogs when one’s intentions outgrow their original defined scope. I don’t know whether it is best to have several narrowly focused blogs, each appealing to a slightly different audience, or to have one general blog where you say, “this is me and I may or may not talk about some or all of the following topics…”
    So the Dark Boundaries blog will be the one to watch from now on?

    1. Oh, there’s that problem, isn’t there? Making people chase from one blog to another. But this one will always be about writing and publishing, and Dark Boundaries will develop along different lines — slavery, injustices, etc., for the blog posts, and additions to the various pages. I imagine some people will follow one or the other, but I hope they’ll both be interesting enough to keep everyone reading.

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