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**For anyone using KDP Select, check out this blog post: It’s a Win-Win with KDP Select Free Promo Days. Great hints on how to maximize your free days. The only way I don’t agree with, for personal reasons, is raising the price of your book just before the free days, to make it more of a bargain. But it did give me an idea that I’ll try out when my next novel is ready to publish.

I’m pricing my novels at $2.99 right now, but would like to see if $3.99 is a viable price now that I have a small backlist. I’ll start The Warden out at $3.99 and leave it at that price for at least the first month. When the Select period is up, I’ll put it on Smashwords at $2.99. By then, if it’s still at the higher price on Amazon and selling, I’ll let price-matching take it down.

**Does POV stump you? Here’s a post that will either straighten you out or confuse you completely: A Checklist for Deep POV. I admit I haven’t had the patience to read the whole thing yet, but it looks as if it’s worth taking the time to study it thoroughly.

**An interesting approach to novel writing, from a mystery writer. Like me, she starts with a “bare bones” first draft and adds to it, but she does it in a nicely formal way instead of my hopelessly disorganized, haphazard way. Using her Lists and Layers method, I might not have to go through as many drafts as I do.


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