The Darkest Prison — on Dark Boundaries

The complaints first – just to get them out of the way. I still can’t count on getting what I want from Scrivener in a .doc conversion. There are just too many details to get wrong when you compile a text, so I went back to my original method. Copy and paste to Neo Office, clean up formatting, and save as .doc. Then go to Kindle, forget that I have to change out the Smashwords refs and links for Amazon. When that’s done, the previewer decides not to show anything at all. Try to view in my desktop viewer, which crashes several times. Download new previewer, wait for update, and finally! All seems to be okay now.

So — The Darkest Prison is complete, 12,000 words of creepy goodness. I’d really love some feedback, good, bad, or indifferent, but honest, kick-ass critiques. This is so different from anything I’ve written that I can’t evaluate it. If you feel like pointing out typos or anything else that needs to be changed, let me know.

It’s free on Smashwords if you want to download it in a favorite format. Will be on Kindle when they get around to publishing it, but it will be $.99 there until it’s price matched with Smashwords.

The Darkest Prison


4 thoughts on “The Darkest Prison — on Dark Boundaries

  1. Wow . . that’s dark, to state the obvious. I could only skim parts of it. I guess I’m too sensitive for hard-core physical torture stories. But I can definitely see fans of torture horror (a growing subset) getting into this.

    1. Okayeee. And a big “duh!” I never thought about it in terms of torture. But it certainly is. The question is: do I want to add that tag? And attract mostly people with a kink for torture? That definitely isn’t what I was aiming for. My focus all the way through is the psychology. If the torture is more prominent, then I may have to rethink the whole thing.

      1. I saw the psychological aspect as I was skimming, but for me, the torture was the over-riding message. Maybe others will see the story differently. I think adding a torture tag would be forthcoming, and if you have enough other tags in there too, I don’t think that tag would drive people away who aren’t specifically looking for torture. But you may want to take my advice with a pinch of salt, as I have next to no experience in marketing.

        1. I’ll wait and see how other readers react. I have links to Hidden Boundaries and Within the Silence at the end, and if people find it via a torture tag, they may expect that from the others. But I’m keeping it in mind, for sure.

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