One of Those Days

I was slammed to a halt for a few days by something I think was a cross between a cold and a flu virus. Very nasty, but luckily also short. The dregs are hanging on, but at least I’m able to focus my mind again, and get some work done. Not that today has been exceptionally productive. Unless productive includes an insight into one of my Camp NaNo characters, reading a few helpful articles about turning blog posts into a book and tucking them away in Scrivener for future reference, and writing a book review.

The book review — I rarely give five stars for anything except classics by long-dead authors, but a new writer who’s also a WP blogger caught my attention, which resulted in a very satisfying read. Hell, satisfying isn’t even the right word. I’m envious. So please get thee to Goodreads for Plaguewalker, by Gemma Tarlach. It’s very dark historical fiction, superbly written. It’s in paperback and on Kindle. I bought the Kindle edition as soon as I read the sample, and consider it worth every penny.


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