So Long, Camp NaNo, and Other Odds

The decision is made, possibly encouraged by the dragging-on remains and malaise of a cold. I deleted all my info from the Camp NaNo site and will be buckling down to finish Gift of the Ancien (formerly Gift of Blood). The story I’d planned to hack out in June is one that I’ve been pecking away at for a long time, which is an indication that it has its hooks in me and wants to be written. But not right now. I’ve outlined it up through chapter four, and will keep adding to it. But with two novels and a novella waiting to be finished, I’m not going to take a month off for something new. So that’s it.

I’m also cogitating over the covers of Hidden Boundaries and Crossing Boundaries. I’d like to have an image that unifies all the hand slaves universe stories (even though they’re not going to be a series), and nothing is coming to mind right now. Since the first half of the novella takes place in that universe, and I plan to finish it before the end of the summer, there’s extra pressure to come up with a good idea.

I’m at one of those temporary stopping places where I have to seriously consider all the ideas for things I’d like to be doing, and set some priorities.


6 thoughts on “So Long, Camp NaNo, and Other Odds

  1. Not that I don’t understand, but I have to admit to a little disappointment. I was planning on making a last minute jump in there with you. I still may do so, bit it’ll feel echoey in there without you.

    1. Sorry to abandon you, but common sense rules (this time, at least). Have to admit the camping theme is way overdone and turns me off, though I hadn’t planned to pay too much attention to the forums. Really not interested in chatting about sleeping outside, roasting marshmallows, and all that good stuff. People are just too literal-minded for me sometimes.

    1. I’ve seen both those pics before. Even if I was thinking about using hands, which I discarded early on, they’re way too literal. I’m trying to find something more symbolic, along the lines of the graphic I actually used — boundaries and limits. The problem with that graphic is the necessary cropping left it hard to deal with. My grandkids just didn’t fit the theme, If my photoshopping skills were more advanced I could airbrush them out, but I don’t think I’m ready to wrestle with that.

    1. Thanks, Adrianne. But all is not lost. I’ll keep working on the novel and save it for November. In fact, I’m thinking about doing a post on WIPs and long planning times.

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