Weekend Notes – Changes

It’s time to acknowledge that I can’t do everything I’d like to do. I’ve always had more ideas than I had time and energy for, and as I grow older, the time and energy are falling further behind. So I’ve been resetting priorities.


I’ve removed all the blog posts from Dark Boundaries, and from now on, it will be strictly for my novels and stories. The page for resources is still up, though empty, and I’ll try to do something with it when I remember.

As important as I think Vorpal Blade Reviews could be, just the thought of continuing to work with it is exhausting. I was going to delete it, but looked at the “transfer” option to see what that was about, and found that WP allows you to transfer a blog to another person. If there’s anyone out there who’d like to take on the job, please leave a comment here, or email me. I’ll give you all the notes about development, but you’ll be free to do whatever you want with the blog. I’ll be glad to help out in whatever small way I can, and write a review every now and then, but that’s it.

The offer to transfer Vorpal Blade will be open at least for the next few weeks, and I’ll post a reminder.

National Novel Writing Month

There’s a good chance that I will skip this year’s NaNoWriMo. Normally, by now I’d have an idea for November and would be working on notes and outlining. This year, nothing. I have plenty of ideas that I haven’t even started to develop, but none of them interests me enough right now to want to work them up. Another victim of having to narrow my efforts down to what’s most practical. I’ll be devoting the rest of this year, and probably a good chunk of next year, to completing as many WIPs as possible, and if I do decide to start anything new, it will be a short story or two.




5 thoughts on “Weekend Notes – Changes

  1. Oh how I know what you’re talking about, Catana. At my age, I’ve reached the stage where I have to think: If I do this, I won’t be able to do that (energywise). So it’s made me much more selective. I think you’re very wise to offer the reviews to someone else. Personally, I always thought the idea was a can of worms, and though eminently well intentioned, not a good use of a writer’s precious time. (I haven’t put that very well, but I hope you know what I mean.)
    Rock on, girl – and while you’re at it, cosset yourself and your talent.

  2. LOL, Danielle. I realized from the start it would be a can of worms, but that never used to stop me. If I still had the energy I had even ten years ago, I wouldn’t hesitate to plow on. Thanks for the support.

  3. I hear ya! Sometimes you just gotta take the foot off the ol’ gas pedal and take a more leisurely drive. I did that this past year as well. I quite a very stressful job and took one that pays half as much so that I can have time to write. Good for you!

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