De-stress to Make Room for More Stress

So I finally created new covers for Hidden Boundaries and Crossing Boundaries, a pretty stressful process in itself. That required uploading to Smashwords and Kindle. The SW process was stress-free until I found that one book had automatically been put in the review queue for the Prime catalogue, and the other said I had to submit it for review, with a button that was nowhere to be found. Fortunately, it was just one of SW’s hiccups and the book changed to “in review” some time later.

The Kindle process was much more of a hair-tearing event. The cover upload went fine, but the book file, which had to be re-submitted came up with a failure message. Now this was exactly the same .doc file I’d used in the first place, so I sent out an SOS and got a quick answer that the file was encrypted and couldn’t edited. Not! I’ve never encrypted a file in my life and the danged thing had just been sitting there in a folder, innocently minding its own business. Okay, go back to the Neo Office file, resave it and send it to customer service, as requested. Since there was now going to be a three-day wait for them to get back to me, I uploaded the dang thing myself. Nothing doing.

Light bulb goes on. Try an epub file. Go to Google, find a converter, check it out, and it’s a mess. Apparently, that site isn’t too happy with .odt files. Find another converter and finally — success. Upload it to Kindle, and the book is now back in the review queue, which means it might possibly be available for purchase later today. This is the only book that’s been selling this month, so the idea of losing three or more days to screw-ups wasn’t making me very happy.

Next up — getting the new cover for Crossing Boundaries onto Kindle.

I’ve also given up on GIMP. It’s one of the least intuitive programs I’ve ever come across, and the book I bought for it is so technical and full of vague statements filled with jargon that I gave up on it. So now I’m trying a somewhat less feature-filled, but nicely designed program for the Mac. Pixelmator has a 30-day free trial if you download it from the developer’s site, and is only $14.99. A truly unbelievable price. I’m goofing around with its features and so far, it looks like exactly what I need. There’s a lot to learn, but the help files are fairly decent and there are lots of tutorials online. It isn’t anywhere near Photoshop’s class, but it probably has everything an amateur needs.



2 thoughts on “De-stress to Make Room for More Stress

  1. Keep going, Catana! Without you ahead of me showing the way, I don’t think I would dare to believe that I might actually master all this technology sufficiently to get an ebook up there next year. Am going to start easy (easy?) by putting up a story a month on Smashwords, and maybe later on Amazon. Just how I’ll manage it is anybody’s guess, but I’ve got Mark Coker of SWs wonderful Style Guide (103 pages), so I figure I’ll get by – with a little help from my friends.
    I salute you.

    1. Thanks, Danielle. Just don’t push yourself, or set up a rigid schedule that you feel you *have* to follow. I’m finding that right now, a story a month is proving too ambitious. I think that will ease up once this novel is out of my hair, and I’m continuing to work, off and on, on shorter pieces, so at least there’s some progress.

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