KDP Staff Rocks

I mentioned yesterday that I was having major problems trying to reupload Hidden Boundaries after changing the cover. Okay, more than mentioned; I whined. Anyway, I let the customer rep know that I’d solved the problem by changing from .doc to .epub. And I thought that was the end of it. Today I get another email, letting me know that the problem was with the version of Word that I’d used. KDP no longer supports anything earlier than Word 97. Apparently that changed since my original upload in February. So if you’re using Word, make sure you don’t use older versions.

How often does a big company follow through that way? Awesome.


4 thoughts on “KDP Staff Rocks

  1. I have Word 2007. The earliest I ever used was 97. I tried once uploading a .doc to Kindle and it messed everything up. The best thing to use is HTML. I could tell you how to turn the document into an HTML in my version, but I have no idea how to do it for something earlier than 97.

    1. A lot of people recommend using HTML. I think it’s probably a good idea if you need formatting that’s more complex, like yours, but as long as I’m sticking to plain text, I’ll upload either as .doc or .epub. I know basic HTML, but once you get beyond that, it’s no fun.

    1. Is that Word 6, Rik? I don’t use Word at all, so I just pick one from the menu when I’m ready to save. 95, 97, 6? One of my word processors specifies that 97 is saved as .docx, so maybe that’s why I avoided it. SW doesn’t accept .docx files.

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