Picked Up Along the Way

I subscribe to several topics on WordPress, so I run through a good many posts every day. I actually skip reading about 90% or more because the first few lines in the Reader tell me all I need to know. But I also pick up some interesting (and not always believable tidbits. Like the blogger who (very reluctantly) paid attention to the advice she was given and decided not to make advance review copies of her book available until she’d edited it. Wow! How long is it going to take for the message to get through that the best way to kill your future reputation as a writer is to inflict an unedited draft on anyone at all. Even if you’re going to use beta readers, you don’t throw the first, raw draft at them. Editing isn’t just an inconvenient afterthought, without it you might just as well not bother writing.

And there’s good news for anyone who’s willing to be suckered by a well-known “self-publishing” company that will do for you, for hundreds of dollars, what you can easily learn to do for yourself, at absolutely no cost. Instead of paying $999.00, you can get a whole $200.000 off if you’re willing to sign on by the Fourth. I guess that would make the company kind of patriotic, too.

And then there’s the blogger who’s written and is promoting a book on psychic development for writers. Yes, he claims to be a real medium and expert at the woo. I bet he’s making a fortune off the endless supply of feeble minds that believe all you have to do is get in touch with higher powers or some such fantasy, and the world will pretty much give you everything you want. You probably don’t even have to know how to spell, punctuate, or any of that other annoying stuff.

Last but not least are the seventh grade book reviews by adults who are studying to be writers. Of Pride and Prejudice: “This would have been a very shocking book when it was written.” Uh, no, I don’t think so. But at least the blogger thought the “character’s” were interesting.



2 thoughts on “Picked Up Along the Way

  1. I use “un-uh” when I have to. I’ve seen it written that way in countless books so I assume that’s the common spelling. I take that usage as the negative of “uh-huh”.

    1. If you’re a legitimate commenter, you would do well not to have an address that makes you look like a spammer. I picked your comment out of the spam box, to give you the benefit of the doubt. This time.

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