Enforced Time Out

Between my just barely adequate AC unit in 90+ weather and constant eye irritation from the dry air, productivity has come to a screeching halt lately. So I’ve been reading a lot and grateful for ebooks, since they allow me to enlarge the type to a comfortable size. Otherwise, I’d be going even crazier with boredom and frustration than I normally do in the summer.

I’ve been trying out Pixelmator, which is a nice, inexpensive graphics program. Its 30-day trial ran out, and while I do like it, I’m not going to spring for it right now, since I have several free programs that can do a lot of what I want to experiment with in graphics. What none of them can handle is text effects. Now I’m looking at TypeStyler, which is apparently the top program for that, but isn’t at all cheap, at least not for someone on a tight budget. $60.00. Ouch! But eye-catching text can make a huge difference in how a book cover comes across. So I’ve been wrestling with this very feature-rich, unintuitive program that has NO help files. It’s only taken me three days to figure out how to outline text. Yay, me! I might have done it out faster without the wonky eyes and daily headaches, but at least it’s an encouraging step forward.

I’ve put two of the four Ages of Blood interludes back into Gift of the Ancien. Have to decide where the third one goes, and will discard the fourth. Most of the last editing round was filling in details and correcting continuity errors. Still a long way to go in getting it all polished up and ready to publish.


2 thoughts on “Enforced Time Out

  1. Heat is a hard thing to take, I think, Catana. We are in winter at the moment over here, and though I’m cold, I’d rather be cold than hot.
    Eye trouble is really the pits. I’ve had a lot of it in my life and can sympathise heartily with you. Hope you have some decent eye drops to help with the discomfort, and that it abates soon. Best, DdeV

    1. Lots of eye drops, but they don’t help for very long. Didn’t mention hayfever — yeah, that too. And weed pollen is high right now. Seems my hayfever gets worse and lasts longer each summer. I’m ready for Fall.

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