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For the last couple of years, I’ve been thinking about developing a website for my writing, but laziness and lack of real motivation have gotten in the way. But the time has come. I’m ready to get more exposure, and I want to be able to sell my books directly. I thought I’d be satisfied to use Word Press indefinitely, and I have no complaints about the way I’ve been able to set up Dark Boundaries, but it does have its limitations. In fact, I’m fairly happy with the design, so I’m going to duplicate it as closely as possible.

I made a start today, at Weebly, which is free, and seems more flexible than other free sites I’ve looked at. It isn’t high on my priority list right now, so I’m not in any hurry to complete it. A little bit at a time whenever I’m in the mood. I’ll make it public when it’s complete, and I’ve upgraded it and bought my domain name. Once that’s done, I’ll probably delete the WP version and let that domain expire. Or I may convert Dark Boundaries to a straight blog. How long till everything’s done? Months. Maybe not until next year.




6 thoughts on “Author Website

  1. I’ll hear of your progress with interest, Catana. Everyone tells me I must have a website, and though I’ve baulked at it for a number of reasons, I fear I will have to come to it eventually. At present, I’m still struggling with the e-book formatting (now up to p. 81/103 of Mark’s Style guide). Hope you will give us detailed, blow-by-blow accounts of your foray into the website setting up; I’ll take notes and try to apply them later.
    Again, many thanks for all the useful advice you put on this site.

    1. Are you reading the Guide straight through or working with a file as you go? I don’t retain information well unless it has a context, so I only read the section that refer to what I’m dealing with at the time. I also download instruction manuals as PDFs when I can, so I can highlight and make notes. It makes it much easier to go back and find what I need.

      I disagree that every writer needs a regular website. Visually, and for reader navigation, there’s really no difference between using a good blogging format like WP and setting up a dedicated website. I probably wouldn’t even be bothering except for wanting to sell my books directly. Figure out exactly what you need and don’t let anyone pressure you. I’ll have to track down who just wrote two days worth of pros and cons, and do a post about it.

      1. Many thanks, Catana, I would love to do without a website. Re the SW/ SG, I read it through once like a novel; now I’m working my way through it, bit by bit, with a document open. Just passed the ToC. I think Mark Coker deserves some kind of medal for the clarity of his instructions, they’re really good..

        1. Good for you. If I read something like that straight through, I wouldn’t remember a single thing. Mark updates the Guide every few months, so each time you publish something, it’s not a bad idea to see if there’s a new edition.

          I found the posts I mentioned, so I’ll try to do that tomorrow.

  2. A couple of ideas:
    One, you can make a static website using a WordPress theme (sticky posts, turning off commets, use pages rather than posts, etc.). You can install WP on a hosted account very easily, and on a paid host you can sell and advertise.
    Let me know if you want to persue this, and I’ll help.

    1. Thanks for the offer, Richard, but I’ve already turned Dark Boundaries into, basically, a static website. Even though I need to go further, I simply don’t have the patience or the knowhow to maintain a hosted WP site. Also, the first link above offers some considerations that I didn’t know about. The popularity of WP means that it’s a favorite of hackers, and I *have* seen tales of woe from people whose sites have been hacked.

      Weebly is fairly customizable, and once I get the site up and running, I’ll spring for a domain. That doesn’t mean I’ll never consider some other path, but I’m so loaded with projects right now that I’m taking the easiest way out.

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