Heads Up

I just sent a notice to Writer Beware of a new WordPress site. Semi-literate person setting themselves up as a talent scout. And yes, they charge money. http://komkreations.wordpress.com/ Read it and decide for yourself. If you think it’s something to be concerned about, let other writers know.


9 thoughts on “Heads Up

    1. And I can’t help wondering just how qualified this person — or almost anyone, for that matter — is to judge such a wide range. She certainly isn’t qualified to judge writing. It seems like a totally amateur operation. I got a form email back from Writer Beware. They get a lot of mail, so it could be a long time before they look into it.

    1. I found it by googling the whole name. It led to http://travel-chronicles.org/about/, another WP blog. And this “About” title: J Kris Halley – Creative Director – KoMeT KrEAtiONs EntERpRIseS. Very professional, eh? I’m beginning to think this isn’t so much a possible scam as someone who’s seriously self-deluded.

      1. Could be … A propos of nothing, Catana, could you tell me, if someone publishes their novel on Kindle, whether it’s able to be published anywhere else at the same time – or is Kindle totally exclusive? I’m doing ok with the formatting, but I don’t have a good overall view of the ebook publishing situation. Would you happen to know of some links that give a good chopper view?
        Many thanks, Danielle

        1. You have to keep the two platforms straight, Danielle. There’s KDP, which is the basic platform and has no restrictions on where else you can publish. Then there’s KDP Select. It’s the Select program that demands total exclusivity. Three months at a time. What I’ve observed is that if your book has been distributed to retailers by Smashwords, it can create problems. Even when you unpublish on Smashwords, it can take a long time for the others to remove the book, and and that’s when Select can get antsy and send you a warning. It’s best to publish first on Select if you’re going to use it at all. Once the three months are up, if you don’t renew, you’re free to publish elsewhere.

          If there’s something more specific you need to know, drop me a note and we’ll go to email.

  1. Very strange site – I agree with your last comment – it reads less like a deliberate scam and more like an individual with some issues.

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