Weekend Notes

A quote worth taking note of in a Smashwords interview with writer Jonathan Maberry. ”

“I count myself fortunate in that I studied journalism rather than creative writing. Journalists learn good writing habits. Journalists don’t mythologize the process of writing. They research, they write, they revise, they submit, and they move on to the next thing. One of the first things I learned in journalism class is that writer’s block is largely a myth. It’s the end result of have no practical writing process.”

In other news —

Editing for Gift of the Ancien is still slogging along. Only nine chapters to go, but today feels as if it’s going to be a no-accomplishment day. The book is improving greatly, so I hope the delay will seem worthwhile. I’ve also worked out a compromise between Amazon exclusivity and letting folks buy the book from Smashwords without having to wait three months. Because, yes, I do intend to go with Select as an experiment. But I won’t renew it, no matter the results.

The Weebly website is coming along nicely. I’m following the general layout from Dark Boundaries, but have changed the title, will be adding a header, and doing other tweaks that WordPress doesn’t allow for. I wasn’t going to include a blog, but realized that’s it’s the most sensible format for a “What’s New” page. I’ll probably change the theme I started with, and scrounging around with that intention, I discovered a nice feature. As you look through the themes, you can mark favorites, so it’s easy to find them whenever you want to change again. wp.com ought to add that.

There was an interesting discussion on Kindle Boards about using Weebly for a writer’s website. http://www.kindleboards.com/index.php?topic=120105.0 There were lots of pros and cons, of course, with one or two people coming down pretty heavily for self-hosted sites, particularly using wordpress.org. The main reason given for that was better SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but I found that Weebly allows descriptions and tags for each page, so that would seem to counter the idea that this type of site would be a marketing handicap. I’m not big on the technicalities of search engines, so there may be other factors involved.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Notes

  1. Interesting quote. I would say one of the best things journalism teaches is economy of words. However, as far as writer’s block, it shouldn’t be an issue with journalism since you are assigned your topic or you already have a pitch. Fiction comes solely from within…

    1. From my own experience, economy of words can be a handicap when it comes to writing fiction. I’ve always tended to be rather terse, and when I turned to fiction, it actually became a bad habit I had to break. But I think that the quote is pretty apt, for the most part. I’ve noticed that a lot of writers who complain about being blocked depend entirely on the spontaneity of “the muse.” The myth that planning, which may include outlining, destroys creativity, probably contributes quite a bit to “writer’s block.”

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