The last major edit of Gift of the Ancien is done. Last leg of the journey is line by line proofing. 90,400 and some words, 30 chapters, including the prelude and two interludes. I’ll see tomorrow how far I can get with that in one day. Switching from Arial 18 to Times Roman, blown up 150% makes a huge difference in ease of proofing. I want this to be a very clean text.

Also, tomorrow, start back on the cover. I know exactly how I want it to look now, so the only difficulty will be in mastering the font program and combining the cover text with the graphics. My fingers are crossed because I haven’t looked at either program in over a week, and I’m still not familiar enough with either one to be perfectly comfortable. Still lots of trial and error coming up.

Now that Kobo Writing Life is live, I’ll have to start figuring it into my publishing strategy. Soon. Too busy to fool with it right now.


5 thoughts on “Progress

    1. Even though most people are familiar with both Arial and Times Roman, I should have been more specific. The key to seeing your text in a different way is to go from a non serif font to serif. If you do the final proofing in a serif font, it looks much more like a book, and that alone will change the way you see it and make mistakes stand out.

      Oh, and I’ve set the proofing size at 175%, so it’s quite large. Another little trick, and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, is to look only at the bottom line or two on the screen, as I scroll the text up. It keeps my eyes from wandering down to the rest of the page.

      1. I should’ve been more specific, too, Catana. The serif/non serif point is really important. I’ve been jumping from one to t’other at final draft stages for years. Never read the advice anywhere. Like you, just thought it was a good idea to give me a fresh perspective.

  1. A lot of bloggers have mentioned changing font and text size. I think most people discover it on their own, as I did, and you too, Danielle.

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