Tracking: From Inspiration to Publication

Thinking, thinking . . . Hold on a second. Thinking, thinking. Another crazy idea coming up.

In a recent post, Creating a New Old World, I talked about an idea I have for another novel. It’s pretty clear that this idea is going to bug me until I have it worked out and actually write it. At the moment, it isn’t even a skeleton of a story; it’s more like a pile of loose bones, with a lot of the bones still missing. And it seems like the perfect opportunity to do something I’ve thought about several times — think out loud about the process of creating a novel. Every time this idea popped up, it was in connection with a story that I’d already started writing. I didn’t want to go back and try to reconstruct what went into getting it off the ground, so I decided that if I was ever going to do it, it would have to be with a brand-new idea that was still in a state of total chaos and uncertainty. Which meant that it might be about a story that never gets written, or if started, might not be finished.

I don’t know if this has ever been done, but, since almost everything has been done somewhere, by someone, it must have been. But probably not very often. I also don’t know if anyone would even want to follow along on such a convoluted path. It would involve a lot of hacking at underbrush, trying to find a path and then stay on it. Lots of getting lost and confused and wanting to put down the machete and say “The hell with it!”

This is a bad time of year to start a major blogging project, what with everyone fighting heat rash and sharks, but my life seems dedicated to bad timing, so I’m going to plunge into it, even if this post draws zero responses. I’m working this out as my fingers hit the keys, so I just had another idea (Oh no, not another one. Spare us.) To make it easier to follow, I’ll put up a page with the links to each post. That way, someone stumbling across it somewhere along the line can go back and read the whole tortured thing in sequence. (I’m just that kind of person — always trying to make life easy for my readers, even while I’m torturing them.) Okay, there’s a big element of selfishness in this. I’m a very analytical person, so tracking my own writing process is a natural for me. And if there’s the possibility that it would make an interesting book that would be useful to other writers — well, I’m certainly not going to discount that as another reason for doing it.

Temporary title for the unborn novel: The New Serfdom

More to come.


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