On Vacation — Reading, Reading

I might as well consider it a vacation. I’m not writing or editing, and for me, that’s pretty unusual. But I have been reading — a lot. I’ve torn through a huge number of books in the last few days, mostly ebooks, but a few print as well.


Broken Slate — Unusual SF, should be better known.

Bow of Heaven Book 1, the Other Alexander (looking forward to Book 2, not published yet.

Eromenos — historical fiction.


Warchild — interesting SF with well-drawn characters. May read the next in that AU

Bio of a Space Tyrant: Refugee — old Piers Anthony, old-fashioned space opera with lots of violence, rape. Became a series. Might check out the next one, but not sure.

Flint Lord — Second of Richard Herley’s Pagans trilogy.

Earth Goddess — last of Herley’s Pagans series. High quality, as usual.

Last American Martyr — good idea that didn’t live up to reviews. Overblown and unbelievable.

Powers — Ursula Le Guin. Interesting enough to keep my attention, but not her best.

The Road to Vengeance — third of the Strongbow series. Historical fiction.

The Speed of Winter — moderately interesting short SF.

The Sundered — more interesting SF.

Windup Girl — almost finished, but set aside for a while.


Dystopia — nonfiction. Canadian convicts and creative writing teacher change each other’s live. Moving, and important light on crime and imprisonment.

Bend Over and Show Your Lobster — another nonfiction account of imprisonment, from a hugely talented lifer. Sometimes funny, sometimes shattering. Has the creative writing teacher in common with Dystopia.

The writing teacher is Ed Griffin, a former Catholic priest who became involved in trying to change the lives of prisoners, first in the US, now in Canada. He’s the author of Dystopia. His WordPress blog: Prison Uncensored – the Truth Behind the Bars


8 thoughts on “On Vacation — Reading, Reading

    • Matt, I don’t work or have any other obligations. And I’m a fast reader. On a day when I just veg out and do nothing but read, I can go through one or two books. Depends on the length, of course, and whether it’s something that’s just entertainment, or that makes me slow down and savor.

  1. Sounds like you’ve been having an idyllic few days catching up on your reading – I enjoy rereading favourite books too. I think regular new imput in the form of reading is vital for maintaining creative output.

    • I really need to shift my gears every so often. If I go too long without reading, my mind starts going dead. Quite often, too, a writing problem will find a solution in some book or article that isn’t even directly related. One reason I put off finishing The Warden was a couple of problems that I couldn’t solve. Something about the two prison books I read this week just triggered the answers.

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