Unintended Vacation

The period of no writing, no editing has dragged on long enough that I might as well consider myself on vacation. I can’t even blame it on summer, though hay fever does do a number on my eyes some days. Except for continuing to work on The New Serfdom, it’s a kind of limbo period. I’m reading a lot, sometimes a book a day. And I’m reading way too much news, to the point where I really need to pull back. It’s just too depressing.

At least TNS is starting to take shape. I’ve decided to let Gail (the mother) be a bitch. A well-meaning bitch, but still not someone you’d like to have as a friend unless you have huge stores of empathy and patience. I still don’t know where or if Andy the convict will fit in. If it turns out he doesn’t belong in the novel, I’ll give him his own short story.

One important part of the novel is the background — how things got to the point where it would be possible to set up your own little kingdom and pretty much own the people in it. I’ve been working that out so that there’s no danger of overloading readers with info. No infodumps! Just a little over two months to pull it all together.


6 thoughts on “Unintended Vacation

  1. Knowing you, Catana, I’m sure you’ll do it. A propos of nothing, one of the Ecademy people just tossed off another homonym: ‘Are you looking at the world through prince nez?’ Not me, Jack, not me.

        1. You may be right. In the meantime, I just read (and paid for) a short YA novel with something like three dozen homonym/spelling errors, plus plotting horrors that a whole stable of people who the author thanked for their help didn’t catch. Haven’t decided yet whether to review and rate it. It might help the author, or it might be better to let it die an unmourned death as the first/second draft that it is.

            1. I decided to forget about it. I’d have to rate it three, and since the ratings so far have been mostly fives (one four, I think), the author would probably just be insulted.

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