New Serfdom — the Cast So Far

The cast list is growing. Starting with a few names and not much in the way of personalities, getting to know the characters means beginning to see what plot lines might develop and how they will play out.

Nolan Graves, the “Baron.” – Complex, insightful and generally forward-looking. Can be charitable, also ruthless when necessary. His is one of the more hospitable baronies, but he still makes all the decisions, is a benevolent dictator.

Matt and Gail Dennison – married, two children, another possibly on the way. In big financial trouble with no way out. Gail’s the dominant one, the decision-maker, the reason they apply to live in Graves’ barony, and the catalyst for violence down the line.

Jory Dennison – Eight-years-old. The storm center for the family’s conflicts.

Ira Graves – former convict, served his sentence on lease, adopted by Graves, and serves as his personal secretary. Totally devoted to Graves.

Rachel Lin – Does applicant interviews, background checks, helps new residents settle their outside affairs. Liason between Graves and single female residents.

Andy Martin – Newly purchased convict. College student sentenced to life without parole. Participant in “prank” home invasion gone wrong.

Larkin (Lark) Onetti – head of nearby barony where Matt goes for help when Gail wants to get out of their contract with Graves. Member, along with Graves, of loose confederation designed to avoid violence between baronies.

Assorted minor (so far) characters.


3 thoughts on “New Serfdom — the Cast So Far

  1. Go girl, Go! I’m over here at the moment too damaged physically from my daughter’s annual visit to put one word after another. Self Inflicted wounds, all of them: We get overexcited and drink too much the first night. Takes me days to recover. (Don’t rouse, I know it’s stupid.)

    1. You have all my sympathy. I’m so glad I don’t drink. Can’t stand any form of alcohol, so it isn’t even a temptation. My weakness is sweets. Hope you’re feeling better very soon.

      1. Thanks so much, Catana. I only drink about once every 4 weeks at dinner parties, etc. and then not very much; the stuff doesn’t agree with me anymore. But when Tara comes up …

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