WordPress or Digital Journal? Avoiding Either/or

I’ve been trying to work out what to do about Creatively Disrespectful, the blog I started recently. Digital Journal wasn’t even in my thoughts at the time I started it, but I’ve realized that writing for DJ and writing new material for another blog is a heavier load than I can handle. I can blog at DJ, and the readership is far larger than any I can expect to build for the WordPress blog within a reasonable time.

My first idea was to delete the blog, but I’ve been building up lists of links that I think are important. Those would be lost because DJ’s blogging is set up only for posts. But I think I’ve found the solution. I need to blog more at DJ because I’m probably not going to write full-blown “for pay” articles all that often. But there are plenty of topics I want to write about more briefly. If I mirror some of them at CD, that will keep the blog fresh without requiring people to follow me to DJ, and it will enable me to keep the links. I also want to post short book reviews, and I could mirror those at DJ.

So I’m now seeing the WordPress blog and my writing at DJ as supporting each other rather than having to settle for either/or. We’ll see how it works out.


2 thoughts on “WordPress or Digital Journal? Avoiding Either/or

  1. That’ll work, Catana. I had the same problem at first, trying to blog for my WP blog and for Ecademy, but I found after a while that what went up in one place could pretty well go up in the other – with a little tweaking on occasion.

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