Save Terry Williams from the electric chair

I just posted an article on Digital Journal about the case of Terry Williams, who was physically and sexually abused from the age of six until he was 17, when he killed his abusers. He’s been on death row for almost three decades, and now he’s due to be executed on October 3. Pennsylvania is one of the few states left with the death penalty, and his execution will be the first in this century. Why the governor has chosen to execute a young man whose trial was tainted by the withholding of crucial information from the jury is anyone’s guess. Even if Terry wins clemency, he will spend the rest of his life in prison, still an injustice, but there’s no chance of changing that sentence if he’s dead. If the idea of his execution bothers you, please read the article and sign the petition for clemency at the link I’ve provided. Or you can go straight to the petition here.


8 thoughts on “Save Terry Williams from the electric chair

      1. Terry’s case…this is an injustice really. Terry didn’t get a fair trial and the jury didn’t hear about how he was a victim of sexual abuse for many many years. If they had heard it, then maybe he wouldn’t have gotten the death penalty and a less harsher sentence. The fact that they didn’t present it is why I feel the justice system failed Terry, in this particular case.

        I don’t completely oppose the death penalty, but it really depends on the case. If it’s a heinous crime, then I can see it, especially if the person is a psychotic serial killer. I don’t think taxpayers money should be used in keeping such a violent person alive, who can never be rehabilitated back into society again.

        What I hate the most is that a majority of these prisons keep the non-violent offenders in jail (for possessing drugs or stealing) in jail for twenty something years to life while the serial rapist who viciously raped women or children gets out on parole in less than a few years, because of good behavior. There is something very wrong with that…which is why I still believe our justice system is broken. Sad, but true. 😦

  1. Signed.

    I sign a number of petitions almost every day, I don’t know how much of a difference they make, but I like to think at least some of them work.

    I echo WDLady’s views on the execution of violent criminals. Keeping mass murderers and serial rapists alive is a waste of money, in my opinion. But Williams is obviously neither of those, and his case is unimaginably unjust. His abusers should be executed. Pedophiles cannot be cured. And those who withheld evidence should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    1. I’d prefer to see the truly violent ones imprisoned for life, but eliminate the laws that put people in prison for non-victim crimes like drug use. Our prisons would practically empty out if it wasn’t for the drug laws. As it is, they’re the reason the number of convictions is going up steadily.

  2. Signed and shared – now we can only hope for the best. I oppose the death penalty in any circumstance but this is a particularly awful case – this young man was failed by the society that didn’t protect him.

    1. Thanks. There are those who would love to see him die, even if their arguments have no logical basis. One of the DJ writers posted an article opposing clemency.

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