Progress on Some Fronts

The last edit of Gift of the Ancien is done — thank goodness. All that’s left is a quick runthrough to make sure I didn’t leave any highlights, do a few search and replace, set final formatting, and then figure out the compile process in Scrivener. I’ve used Scrivener to convert a novel to an epub or doc file before, but there are a zillion settings to remember. I don’t remember, so this time, I’ll be making notes as I go along.

The cover is still hanging, partly because I updated my  graphics program and found that it had changed so much that I couldn’t figure out how it worked any more. Try again.

The publishing plan is Smashwords and Kindle. All Smashwords channels shut off so the book  doesn’t go to the prime catalog. A half off coupon for all you beautifuls for the month. Instead of $3.99, you can have it for the Special, Limited Time Only Price of $1.99. The deal of the century. Pretty good actually, because it’s my longest novel yet, 92,000 words. The second month, I’ll unpublish it on SW and put it in KDP Select, my first time using Select. That will take 90 days, and when that’s up, back on SW and head for the prime catalog.

The New Serfdom is coming along very slowly right now, mostly due to neglect. More plot, but there’s a hole where the heart should be, so I’m still working on that.


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